Medical, pharmaceutical, technical and tourism translations

LMA Translations helps you broaden your horizons with professional translations from English, Russian or German into Dutch.

LMA Translations helpt u om uw horizon te verruimen met professionele vertalingen vanuit het Engels, Russisch of Duits naar het Nederlands.

Translations tailored to your customers and readers

Medical translations need to be accurate. Every step in a user guide or instructions has to be just right. When travelling, people want well-written tourism texts. Easy-to-read marketing texts improve sales. LMA Translations understands what your customer, reader or target audience needs and uses the right tone of voice for them.

Professional translations have impact


Texts on medical equipment and research, clinical trials, consumer medicines information and patient information leaflets, the latter of which are classified as pharmaceutical translations.


Translation of texts on software, automotive, motorcycles and heavy machinery. User-friendly manuals and instructions. These are some of the topics I translate about in the technical field.


A catchy description of an exciting destination, a translation that fosters the reader’s wanderlust. I translate about major destinations, tourism hotspots and more.


What does the product do? How is it being promoted? My marketing translations persuade. Readers become customers and purchase your product or service.

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Since 2006, LMA Translations has been delivering high-quality medical, technical, tourism and marketing texts to large and small companies. I put my translation experience to good use when translating your text.