Accurate translation of medical and pharmaceutical texts

Since 2006, LMA Translations has been delivering accurate and comprehensive medical and pharmaceutical translations that comply with the regulations and requirements. When patients’ health is at stake, contact LMA Translations.

Medical translations by an expert

Medical and pharmaceutical translations need to be accurate, must follow legal requirements and must be written in appropriate language for the target audience, whether doctors or patients. Needless to say, you hire an expert to do so. LMA Translations has been translating all kinds of medical and pharmaceutical texts since 2006. It is no coincidence that I have regular clients who rely on my expertise in this field for their translations.

LMA Translations helpt u om uw horizon te verruimen met professionele vertalingen vanuit het Engels, Russisch of Duits naar het Nederlands.

Medical and pharmaceutical translations: understanding the difference

Translating technical documentation requires accuracy and expertise, even more so where medical and pharmaceutical texts are concerned. Although these two fields are often grouped together, there are crucial differences. LMA Translations takes you into the world of medical and pharmaceutical translations to explain the differences.

Medical and pharmaceutical

Medical translations play a major role in global healthcare communications. The texts include medical records, clinical research, user manuals for medical devices and patient information leaflets. Professional translators ensure the medical information is accessible and understandable for everyone, regardless of their native language.

As a skilled medical translator, my in-depth knowledge of medical terminology and the healthcare sector, means I can deliver accurate and reliable translations.

Pharmaceutical translations

Conversely, pharmaceutical translations address the pharmaceutical industry. The texts include the documentation for new medicines, package leaflets, regulatory documents and marketing materials. With our in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector and strict regulations, I offer accurate and regulatory-compliant pharmaceutical translations.

As an LSP for the healthcare sector, LMA Translations provides high-quality medical and pharmaceutical translations that meet the specific requirements of my clients.

Tone of voice and terminology

Tone of voice and terminology are also relevant for medical and pharmaceutical translations. You may have heard of the word ‘jargon’. The definition of jargon is special words or expressions used by a profession or group. Jargon includes terminology known to people working in a specific field, but not to others. Only an expert in the field understands certain terms.

Texts intended for physicians are therefore written in a different register from those aimed at patients. Physicians are well-versed in these terms and phrases, used in Summaries of Product Characteristics and instructions for use of medical devices. Texts aimed at patients (such as package or patient information leaflets) must be written in unequivocal clear language. LMA Translations has specialised in providing the right tone of voice and language for each specific target group.

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